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Hi there! I'm a social media and community management specialist. What can I do for you?

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Personalized and Perfected

Personally Yours started off as a mixture of Personal/Virtual Assistant and Social Media & Community Management. Now the goal is to work with local businesses to come up with social media campaigns, utilizing available tools and programs to advertise and expand businesses without breaking the bank.

With over 3 years of experience creating & scheduling campaigns, as well as brand building and online community growth, the services that each client receives is tailored personally to their specific needs.

So why have a ‘me’?

The truth of the matter is, social media isn’t rocket science, and maintaining a Facebook page or an Instagram account isn’t hard – but it is time consuming. One of the main reasons my clients choose to enlist my services is that the time I will spend taking care of their planning, creating,  scheduling, and answering of content is time they could be spending growing their own businesses.

When I sit down with a potential new client, the conversation is less about what I can offer them, and more about what do they need taken off their plate so they have more time to focus on more important things. From there it’s a matter of figuring out what I can take over, and for the parts I can’t – my job is finding and delegating to the person(s) who can. At the end of the day, you still only have to interact with me, and I take care of the rest.

The reality really is: my job is to tailor myself to your needs in order to make your life easier. My clients’ needs are diverse, and therefore what I do for every client is different. It’s how I provide a personalized touch.


I can’t say enough about Natasha’s attention to detail. It’s pretty great being able to walk away from social media for a few days without worrying that I’ve missed something.
— Sarina Bowen, author and publisher
Natasha is a lifesaver! I trust her to maintain and handle all of my social media accounts and I have completely confidence in her efficiency, skill, and enthusiasm!
— Elle Kennedy, author and publisher


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